Our soil testing gives you a detailed analysis of your soil and a clear personalised plan for treating your soil.

Only one in ten farms in Ireland have sub optimum soil fertility, which is why testing is so important to ensure you are treating your soil correctly.

At Nutrias, we offer a range of soil analysis options which provide information on the health of your soil and the nutrients it contains.

This analysis will allow us to provide you with a clear, individual plan on how you should treat your soil after the test. This efficient way of treating your soil will result in the cost effective use of lime, fertlisers and trace elements.

Some of the test results include pH, lime requirements as well as phosphorus and potassium levels with mineral options also available.

We advise that your aim to test your soil every three to four years and would advise that it is carried out in late autumn or early spring. Use a soil auger to sample a 10cm depth on average and aim to have 15 cores per sample for accurate representation.

We would advise take samples from across the field – do not take samples in a straight line but rather in the shape of a ‘W’ as this will give you a uniform representation of the field being sampled.

Soil analysis can be organised through your local Homeland Branch or by contacting one of our Farm Commercial Specialists.